Article teaser

The article teaser is a small card that contains an image, article title and a link that points to the detail page of that particular article.

The component retains the same fixed spacings on all different viewports.



				<article class="m-article-teaser ">
	<div class="m-article-teaser__container">
		<div class="m-article-teaser__image" style="background-image: url(/assets/images/article-preview/header.jpg);">
		<div class="m-article-teaser__content">
			<h4 class="m-article-teaser__title">Mobile learning: laat u inspireren door deze voorbeelden</h4>
			<a class="a-link m-article-teaser__link a-link--decorated " href="">
				<span class="a-link__text">Lees meer</span>