Contextual component used to define a section used for subscriptions to, for example, newsletters. This makes use of the l-form layouts.



				<section class="o-subscription ">
	<div class="l-container l-container--secondary">
		<header class="o-subscription__header">
			<p class="o-subscription__subtitle u-hide@below-viewport-7">Ben je bediende? Werk je als teamleider, HR- of opleidingsverantwoordelijke?</p>
			<h2 class="o-subscription__title">Schrijf je gratis in voor het Leernieuws!</h2>
		<div class="o-subscription__content">
			<form class="l-form">
				<div class="l-form__grid l-grid l-grid--with-spacing">
					<div class="a-formfield  l-grid__col ">
						<div class="a-formfield__wrapper   a-formfield__wrapper--with-button ">
							<input class="a-formfield__input" type="email" name="" id="" placeholder="Vul je e-mail adres in" value="" />
							<div class="a-formfield__button">
								<input type="submit" class="a-button " value="Schrijf je in" />