Featured article

A featured article is similar to the article preview: it shows a title and some meta data about an article and links to the detail page of that particular article. It doesn't have a description.

It is used to highlight a new or more important article, compared to other articles on the page.



				<article class="m-featured-article ">
	<div class="m-featured-article__image" style="background-image: url('/assets/images/featured-article/header.jpg')"></div>
	<div class="m-featured-article__container">
		<ul class="m-pill-list m-featured-article__tags">
			<li class="m-pill-list__item">
				<div class="a-pill ">
					<span class="a-pill__text">Leervormen</span>
		<h4 class="m-featured-article__title">
			<a class="m-featured-article__link" href="">Hoe u games, AI en VR inzet voor een hogere leerimpact.</a>
		<div class="m-featured-article__meta">
			<div class="m-featured-article__timing">
				<time class="m-featured-article__timing-item">16 april 2019</time>
				<div class="a-attribute m-featured-article__timing-item a-attribute--inherited">
					<span class="a-attribute__icon a-attribute__icon--before icon-stopwatch"></span>
					<p class="a-attribute__text">4 min</p>
			<div class="m-featured-article__footer">
				<div class="a-avatar m-featured-article__avatar">
					<div class="a-image a-avatar__image">
						<img class="a-image__visual" src="/assets/images/avatar/erika.jpg" alt="Erika Wyckmans" title="Erika Wyckmans" />
					<div class="a-avatar__content">
						<p class="a-avatar__title">Erika Wyckmans</p>
						<p class="a-avatar__description">
							Functie auteur (1)
							Functie auteur (2)
				<a class="a-link u-c-white a-link--decorated " href="">
					<span class="a-link__text">Lees meer</span>